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Animation & Multimedia


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Get Familiar with Animation as a Career Choice

Animation & Multimedia courses are largely considered among the most sought after of IT courses in India. Animators are interpreted as technologically-proficient individuals who can develop artistic impressions using various computer-based technologies. Animators are employed across a wide range of industries and their demand is unlikely to slowdown in the near future as the demand for more expressive web-based technologies is rising. This has ensured a constant requirement for creating better, more impactful visuals, making animators among the more sought-after of professionals.

Studying Animation Courses in India—Explore Top Multimedia & Animation Institutes in India

There are plenty of institutes across India that have gained the reputation of being the best 2d animation institutes or top 3D Animation Institutes. The sustained interest in this career choice means that animation institutes can now be found beyond metropolitan centres. Students wishing to pursue animation courses should note that there is a certain pattern in how animation courses are offered among such institutes.

2D/3D Animation Courses in India can be pursued in various forms, including:

•    Certificate courses/Short-term diplomas at both, the starter and specialization level
•    Undergraduate degree courses
•    Post-graduate short courses aimed at further specialization

Animation Colleges in India
offer Animation Courses in various forms, including Certificate and Diploma course options offered by numerous state universities and private organizations. These are essentially short-term courses aimed at preparing individuals with basic skills in animation. For instance, an individual can take-up a Certificate Course in Animation immediately after completing this (10+2). Students can also pursue courses that help them to specialize in a particular aspect of animation technologies. For example, a student can pursue a Diploma in VFX (visual effects). Students can pursue such Animation Courses in India from private institutes catering to specific animation technologies. For instance, a Certificate Course in MAYA-a specific form of animation application can be studied at any of the Top 3D Animation Institutes.


Animation Courses in India as an undergraduate degree—many students have started opting for undergraduate courses offered by ‘animation schools’. A common example of such courses is a Graduate Diploma Program in Design. Such multimedia and animation courses are aimed at preparing thorough professionals with comprehensive knowledge about various animation-based skills. Students searching for the best animation courses in India should note that some colleges have modified conventional courses like Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) to create options like B.Sc. in Animation & Multimedia.

Such courses are available in many of the Top Animation Schools besides globally-accredited private institutions. Students graduating in animation might find it slightly hard to find Post-graduate options. These courses are slightly limited, with only a few of the established colleges offering regular M.Sc. or post-graduate diplomas in Animation. However, there are plenty of private institutions that offer post-graduate level specializations.



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