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Understand Job of Legal Audio Typing or Legal Transcription

The legal process is such that it continuously requires extensive and systematic documentation. In many nations, like the US and UK, this process is done by lawyers themselves wherein they choose to record their profiling of a case or their … Continue reading

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Pursuing Arts Courses in India: Which Arts Courses & Arts Colleges to Choose?

Are you one of those students who want to make their career in fine arts? Fine arts is a huge term itself and students who want to make their career in this field should know about the requirements of this … Continue reading

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Explore Unique Research Courses in India: Become a Master of Coins

Students who have the habit of collecting different coins and currencies can now pursue a career in this field. India is a land of king and queens with pageantry of nawabs and maharajas.  Additionally, if a person has the habit … Continue reading

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Understand Increasing Popularity of Mass Comm. & Media Courses in India & Abroad

Films, Media, Mass Comm Films & Mass Media Courses pave the way for entering the niche of Motion Picture-making, including working in television and movie studios. Students passing from the top mass media training institutes can find a career in motion … Continue reading

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Shipbuilding Courses & Career in India

Shipbuilding Courses in India are among the leading Science & Technology courses in India. Today, Shipbuilding Courses are being offered with the nomenclature of ‘naval architecture’. These courses involve the: •    Construction and designing of freighters •    Maintenance of tankers … Continue reading

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Top Colleges in Russia: Technical & Medical Colleges of Russia

Some of the Best Colleges in Russia have been listed below: M.K. Ammosov Sakha (Yakutsk) State University, Faculty of Medicine Military Medical Academy Moscow State University (M.V. Lomonosov) Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy, Faculty of Medicine … Continue reading

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Choosing Politics as a Career

Usually, students studying Political Science are considered eligible for taking-up Politics as a career option. However, Politics is one of the few career options that have few, academic restrictions. There are three, main ways to enter the Politics: 1.   … Continue reading

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Career in Gemmology: Gemmology Courses & Gemmology Career

From the beginning of human civilization, jewellery and jewels have been considered as an important part of every ones lives. They have been regarded as a symbol of glory and wealth. It is also supposed that specific kind of gemstones … Continue reading

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Does taking a gap year always have a negative impact?

The topic of taking a ‘gap year’ after passing the higher secondary examination is bound to create a few raised eyebrows since most parents and educators are strictly against any kind of break in the educational progression of their wards. … Continue reading

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B.EL.ED: Bachelor Elementary Education Programme

B.El.Ed (Bachelor of Elementary Education) is four year incorporated specialized degree programme of elementary teacher education which is available for the students completed their 10+2 studies. This programme is Multilanguage programme and it is conceptualized by the MACESE (Maulana Azad … Continue reading

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