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Understanding MBA In Aviation Management

Indian civil aviation industry, which started way back in 1912, is one of the fastest growing aviation industries in world. India has one of the top aviation industries in global ranking of aviation market; hence the need to manage this huge and fast growing industry has increased. MBA in Aviation Management is a unique course which helps you to understand the aviation industry in detail and helps you to learn how to manage this industry in a more professional manner with greater results. Right from the business of aviation to the accounting and safety of airlines, this course gives you a complete insight into the aviation management.

MBA in Aviation Management is among the most common of courses offered among the top management colleges of India. This MBA course is designed to fill the skills required in the aviation sector both domestic as well as the international aviation industry. In this course, you will learn business of aviation industry, air transport accounting and economics, security management, and aviation safety management. This MBA is designed to make a student expert in the management of various roles performed in the aviation sector and is much more exhaustive than the basic airlines and ticketing courses.

Unlike other, popular MBA programmes offered among the Top 10 MBA colleges in India, Aviation Management is one typical programme that gives you the opportunity to manage services not only on the land but also in the sky. After graduating ion any stream, you can opt for MBA in Aviation Management in various MBA institutes in India or abroad. 

What Subjects Will I Learn In MBA Aviation Management?—Course Structure

In order to get your MBA in Aviation Management, you have to spare your two years or I must say the most important two years of your life, where you can actually shape your career in the aviation industry. Most of the management institutes in India and abroad require a minimum BBA in Aviation Management or graduation in other streams. However, it is always wise to go through the prerequisites of admission, as the eligibility criteria may differ from one country to another country or from one institute to other institute. This two year’s MBA programme and is offered in various institutes in India and abroad. Some of the main subjects in this programme are:

  • Airport Terminal Operations

  • Airlines Operations Management

  • Strategic Management

  • Airlines operations management

  • Overview of international Civil Aviation

  • Aviation law & Insurance

  • Business Communication

  • Human Resource Management

  • Aviation & environmental issues

  • Aviation Marketing and Strategic management

Apart from studying the above subjects, you also have the opportunity to develop various important skills in yourself like, personality development, learn foreign languages, training in first aid, learn computer application etc. In the end of this programme, you will have to submit your project and present it before your college or university. You will also get over 4 months internship opportunity with one of the airlines and the Top MBA colleges in India often have collaboration with reputed aviation brands to ensure a rewarding work experience for their students.

Career Opportunities After MBA In Aviation Management—Careers Options

Aviation sector is one of the booming sectors in India and worldwide. With number of new airlines joining this industry, career opportunity has increased tremendously. The existing airlines are also increasing their fleet number which has resulted in huge air traffic, so it becomes necessary for almost all airlines to manage their fleet in a professional manner. This industry is driven by an enormous pool of human resources and aviation management professionals are one of the top demands of airlines and they are regularly on a lookout for skilled professionals to manage their various department. Due to such positivity in the aviation sector, many graduates having completed their airlines and ticketing courses opt for an MBA in Aviation. Career in Aviation management is one of the most lucrative, excited and satisfied job, and exciting job in the world. After MBA in Aviation Management, you stand good chances of landing on various positions in airline industry such as: Manager Operations, Manager Guest Relations, Manager Air Traffic Control, Manager Public Relations, Manager ticketing and so on.


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