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Top Graduate-level Commerce Courses in India: BBA, BBS & BBM

Students who are searching for graduate-level top commerce courses usually come across three popular choices, i.e. BBA, BBS and BBM. These three courses provide a basic education in Commerce and set the groundwork for pursuing higher education in Commerce such as MBA degrees or specialized courses like Banking, Accounting & Finance. However, there is lot of confusion regarding these three commerce courses. It should be noted that though the nomenclature of these course differs, they are essentially the same.

•    Bachelors of Business Studies—BBS

•    Bachelors of Business Administration—BBA

•    Bachelors of Business Management—BBM

The basic curriculum for all the three courses is essentially the same. The core subjects taught in BBA, BBM and BBS are almost the same. Core Subjects involved in all the three degrees include:

•    Accounting

•    Human Resource Management

•    Marketing

•    Organizational Behaviour

•    Communication Skills

•    Operations Management

•    International Trade

•    Business Law

BBA is considered the more conventional course name with most of the top commerce colleges in Delhi and many top universities in India still using this name. However, colleges who have involved some more recent attributes of commerce degrees have restructured this course slightly and name it as either BBM or BBS. Today, many of the top colleges in DU are offering BBS and BBM. Each of these three degrees takes three years to complete.Please note that all long as your chosen college or institute is recognized or is approved by the AICTE or UGC pursuing any degree, i.e. BBA, BBS or BBM, will have no impact in terms of your chances to pursue higher education or find employment. None of these degrees promise industrial training though some of the top BBM colleges in India have started to offer training in partnership with major, industrial brands in India.


These three degrees are attuned towards providing training in basic management and business skills. This lays the foundation for a career in Management. The most prominent of BBS colleges include SSCBS, Deen Dyal Upadhyay College, Jamia Millia Islamia University and Keshav Mahavidyalya College, i.e. the Top BBS colleges in Delhi.


The BBS degree is a bit more practical oriented as compared to the conventional BBA degree. BBS colleges in India insist upon even the theoretical subjects being taught with more real-life or industrial examples, i.e. they emphasize upon practical knowledge. Bachelor of Business Administration is being increasingly offered among the top private commerce colleges of India. BBS and BBM are among the most sought after of courses in popular DU colleges like Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University and private universities like Amity University and JIIMS.


Many of the top private colleges in Delhi NCR have started offering a combination of Business Economics along with BBA or BBS degrees. Today, BBE is being offered in more than ten Delhi University Colleges. BBS is a more Business Studies-focussed course as compared to the other, two choices. It emphasizes a bit more upon subjects like Quantitative Methods, Economics and Organization Behaviour. It also teaches about functional areas of Management. This includes Finance, Marketing, Accounting and Production Human Resource.


BBS/BBA/BBM are relatively new when compared to popular commerce courses in India such as B.Com. After completing such degrees, students can find employment as management trainees across various fields like Finance, Human Resources, Marketing and Sales. However, BBS/BBE/BBA degree provide the fundamentals for establishing a career in Commerce but students need higher qualifications to establish themselves as high-paying professionals.


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