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Packaging Courses in India: Packaging Management, Packaging Diplomas and Packaging Engineering

Packaging Courses in India are among the most wanted of courses in the Management & Engineering niche. Packaging courses are among the few courses that are offered as management degree programs and engineering diplomas apart from short-term certificate course. Packaging is among the most effective ways of showcasing a product that helps to raise its marketability and thus, impacts the sales volumes. Packaging also plays an integral part in maintaining the freshness and shelf-life of various products. Packaging engineers or people who have completed Packaging diplomas from top packaging training institutes in India are expected to have understanding of various aspects of packaging like:

•    Aesthetics

•    Durability

•    Budgeting

•    Maintenance

•    Brand visibility

Packaging Courses in India
arrived a bit late as compared to their arrival in foreign universities and overseas technical institutions but now they are regarded as job-oriented, mainstream courses. Packaging Certificate Courses in India are usually opted by graduates and engineers who are searching for a job-oriented course. Packaging Degree Courses combine various aspects such as learning about:

•    Types of packaging fabrics/mediums

•    Advertising/Promotional objectives

•    Distribution systems

•    Storage systems

•    Sale systems

•    Chemistry

•    Physics

•    Art


Packaging Professionals understand all aspects of packaging such as:

•    Production

•    Designing

•    Evaluation

•    Environmental performance

•    Warehousing limitations

•    Logistics & Sale

Packaging can be of various types, such as:

•    Household packaging

•    Commercial packaging

•    Long-term packaging

•    Short-term packaging

•    Branding-oriented packaging

•    Durability-specific packaging

•    Medical packaging

•    Bulk packaging

•    Pharma packaging

•    Chemical packaging

•    Retail packaging

•    Military packaging

Common Variations in Packaging:

•    Primary Packaging—refers to the first layer of material that makes contact with the internal, packaged product.
•    Secondary Packaging—refers to the layer enveloping the primary packaging and ensures longer life of the packaged item.
•    Tertiary Packaging—refers to weighted packaging that is recommended for bulk packaging demands such as packaging for warehousing or shipping.

Packaging Courses in India & Packaging Colleges in India

Nearly all manufacturing units recruit people who have completed formal qualifications in packaging studies. This is because developing a cheaper and proper storage system is critical for the preservation and transportation of their products. Packaging professionals from the Printing & Graphic industry too are recruited in packaging profiles. The Indian Institute of Packaging is among the top packaging course in India. Apart from this institution in Mumbai, the Institute of Packaging Technology, Delhi and Institute of Mass communication and Media Technology, Kurukshetra are the other, premium Packaging Institutes in India.

Another popular packaging course in India is the Postgraduate Diploma Program in Packaging Technology. Other Top Packaging Courses in India include:
•    Certificate Course in Packaging
•    Diploma Course in Packaging Technology
•    B. Tech course in Printing/Graphics/Packaging

Packaging Courses India

Moreover, one can also pursue distance learning courses and executive programs in packaging. Through correspondence, the Indian institute of Packaging offers 18 months Graduate Diploma course in Packaging recognized by the Asian Packaging Federation. Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP) is regarded as the leading Institute for packaging degrees in India. It is renowned for its globally-popular programs in packaging like:
•    Quality Testing
•    Packaging Designing
•    Conceptual Developments
•    Packaging Materials Evaluation

IIP is known for hosting national and international conferences that attract packaging industry experts and students from across the world.

Certificate Course in Packaging, India

These are short-term packaging courses that help to establish a foundation in this niche, helping packaging professionals to start their career in the packaging industry. These courses are usually sought by people who are seeking a career in Packaging Handling and Packaging Management at the basic level. After completing the certificate course in packaging, students can proceed towards Packaging Certificate Course. The Diploma in Packaging Technology is regarded as the higher level of packaging course or Level¬ 4 qualifications. Usually, a Certificate Programme in Packaging lasts for three months. These courses are usually sought by fresh Graduates from any discipline. Other, similar courses in packaging in include Packaging Business Diplomas.

Two-Year Full Time Post Graduate Diploma in Packaging

This PG course in Packaging is sought after by students who have completed their graduation in Technology, Science and Engineering. Admission for the top packaging instiutes in India is through an-India Level Entrance Examination. Most of these courses start in August.

Distance Education & Correspondence Packaging Courses

These are 18-month courses that usually start in the month of January and have been specially created for graduate working executives or even, plastic professionals with Diplomas seeking a higher qualification in Packaging Technology. The degree awarded here is a Graduate Diploma in Packaging Technology. This degree has been accredited by Asian Packaging Federation (APF). Similar programs include EDP (Executive Development Programmes) that are essentially short-term packaging training programs.

Specialized Packaging Courses in India: Pharmaceutical Packaging Course

This is a specialized course that is meant for people who want to specialize further in packaging operations. Such courses help to achieve higher qualifications in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical Packaging Courses in India helps packaging professionals to achieve high-ranking roles like:

•    Production Officers

•    Purchasing Managers

•    Development Officers

•    QA/QC—Testing Professionals

•    Marketing/Regulatory Managers

•    Head of Technology Operations


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