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Footwear Design Courses in India & Footwear Technology Colleges


Footwear Designing Courses were once regarded as additional or short-term courses that helped students struggling to find immediate employment—they were looked upon as typical vocational courses. However, in the recent past, Footwear Designing Courses in India have emerged as a mainstream option, attracting many students from the Arts, Commerce and Science stream. As a result, Footwear Designing Courses in India are now being offered across many of the leading vocational institutes in India. Footwear Technology Courses are also regarded as the most progressive of fashion-related courses in India though Footwear Designing isn’t always clubbed under fashion courses.

Footwear Designing Career

The spurt in the increasing number of Footwear Designing Institutes in India is linked to the emergence of India as the leading footwear destination of the world and the increasing number of global footwear brands that have found a very lucrative market in Indian cities. Footwear designers are professionals who can design footwear in various shapes and designs, using different materials such as leather, jute, rubber, plastic, canvas and cloth. The Indian footwear industry has grown tremendously in the last decade and now footwear designers are placed in the same bracket as science graduates due to the kind of complex machinery they use. Today, footwear designing technology in India is at par with global trends.


Types of Footwear Design Courses in India

Footwear Designing Courses in India are offered across various formats, including:
•    Undergraduate Courses
•    Post-graduate Footwear Designing Courses
•    Diploma/Certificate Footwear Designing Courses

The minimum qualification for these Footwear Designing Courses is (10+2). There are no limitations in terms of the student being from a particular stream. Admission to most of the prestigious Footwear Designing Institutes in India is through all-India Entrance Exams. Students who are very serious about creating a niche in the footwear industry often opt for Footwear Technology Courses in India. Footwear Technology Courses in India are offered in the form of B.Tech Footwear Designing or M.Tech Footwear Designing/Technology. These courses are offered only to Science & Engineering students.


Top Footwear Technology & Footwear Designing Institutes in India include:

•    AVI School of Fashion & Shoe Technology—Chandigarh
•    College of Leather Technology—Calcutta
•    Institute of Government Leather Working School—Mumbai
•    Footwear Design and Development Institute (FDDI)—Noida & Chennai
•    Central Leather Research Institute (CLRI)—Chennai
•    Government Leather Institute—Agra
•    Harcourt Butler Technological Institute—Kanpur
•    National Institute of Fashion Technology—New Delhi & Gandhinagar
•    Central Footwear Training Centre (CFTC)—Chennai
•    National Small Industries Corporation Limited—Chennai

What After Completing Footwear Technology Courses in India?

Students who have completed their training in footwear designing and technology from the top footwear training institutes in India can feel assured about finding jobs in the top footwear industries. These include many of the leading global brands. They can find work in footwear companies and sportswear companies apart from designer houses where they can get started Executive level. Students passing from footwear technology instiutes in India can also find work as trainee Footwear Technicians. After gaining some experience they can find work as Trade Analysts. Professional internships can be found with independent footwear label designers.


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